Goodbye Seoul, Hello Gyeongju!

On Saturday, we traveled from Seoul to Gyeongju. The bus ride was roughly 5 hours including two rest stops in which we were allotted a total of an hour and a half. So the trip without stops would have been three hours and thirty minutes, I didn’t really do much at the rest stops so if a vote were presented of going the entire way without stops I would have voted yes. At Gyeongju, I got a new roommate and a slightly bigger room than the previous. They only gave us one card though which was somewhat strange. I eventually did get my own card though.

Th e view from a bridge we had to cross to get to the amusement park

Later on in the day there was a fairly large amusement park nearby that some friends and I had gone to. There was a large roller coaster that had a waiting line of roughly 40 minutes. The wait was well worth it. Right before the big drop on the roller coaster, the coaster car stopped so we could all see how high up we were and how far down we were about to drop. After this coaster, my group split into two smaller groups because we had wanted to do two separate things. My group at first went to the seesaws and used them for a little bit. Then we had waited in line for the other large roller coaster at the park (there were only two large coasters) for thirty minutes, we then reached the one hour mark in the line and decided to go somewhere else. So we then went to the viking ship ride that’s also in typical American amusement parks. That was fun, but the next ride was both new and fun. It was this slanted circular disk that spun in circles and popped up and down. Near the top of the disk, if it popped up you got physically lifted from your seat. It was great.

An array of fake flowers at the amusement park

After the amusement park my group had gone to dominoes and ordered some strange pizzas. We ordered a half cheese and half pepperoni which was normal but then the other pizza was half potato and half bulgogi. These specialized pizzas both had sweet corn on them which I was not a huge fan of. Then, after eating, we went to watch a movie inside one of our rooms. I fell asleep 5 minutes into the movie and woke up about 2 minutes before the movie ended. I think it was a good movie.

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