Gruppo Sinergia and Sartoria Cavour and MF1.. Oh my!

Today turned out to be a great day. It started again with breakfast in the hotel and then we checked out. We all loaded onto a bus and headed to the company Gruppo Sinergia. This company is like a much smaller and more personalized version of amazon. They have about 45 employees and ship out about 3,500 packages per day from their 4 locations. This company hand packages everything and focuses on the logistics in other companies. Basically, they have a website and people buy all kinds of items, and then they ship them out from their warehouse. They promise their customers 24-hour shipping. I thought it was really interesting to go down into the warehouse and watch the people get the products and package them. I also thought it was interesting how much they focused on customizing the process to each individual customer which Amazon cannot do because it is such a large company. I think this really helps them in Italy because it seems that the Italian market is a little more traditional when it comes to buying things. After this visit we headed to Sartoria Cavour. This is a small company that makes handmade men’s’ suits. They make both custom-made suits and suits for large companies like Ralph Lauren. This company was based out of a building with one large room filled with sewing machines, fabrics, and string. Because they are sewing these suits by hand, they are much better quality than ones people might be used to in the United States. They also had a small show room that had really nice suits displayed. The man even showed us how a suit is supposed to fit by using Frank as an example. After the tour, the company provided us with a very nice little snack of fresh grown strawberries. We headed back on the bus and went to a really cute pizza place for a group lunch! After the lunch we headed to MF1 which is a company that creates clothes for well-known brands like Gucci. They start by putting a design into a computer and then use machines to knit the yarn and then have people sew and package the pieces together. It was really cool to be able to see all of these clothes being made right in front of me. I didn’t realize that people hand sew a lot of the name brand clothes. It makes sense as to why some things are so expensive because of the time people put into making them. This company also has a school where they are able to invest in helping people learn about fashion so they can eventually work in the fashion world. I really enjoyed this visit. After this, we headed back to the hotel and got settled back into our original rooms. We got some pasta for dinner and are ready for our almost free day in Milan tomorrow! 

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