When in Venice…

After an early wake up call and a little longer than an hour train ride, we arrived in Venice. I really liked the train ride because I was able to see the country side of Italy. The rolling hills and large vineyards were very nice and it was exactly like how I pictured. When we stepped off the station in Venice, we were greeted with blasts of wind and a temperature around 50 degrees. This was far from what I envisioned when I signed up for Plus 3 Italy, but I had to make the best with what I had. 

First, my friends and I took a gondola ride throughout the canals of Venice. This was super peaceful and I took fantastic pictures. At the end of our ride, our gondola was right behind another Plus 3 group’s gondola and we saw one of the students try to stand up because he was getting wet. When he stood up, the entire gondola tipped over and everyone, including the driver, almost fell into the canal. My friends and I in the safety of our steady gondola howled with laughter because the other group’s driver was cursing at the student for almost capsizing the gondola. He kept saying “stupido” and other funny Italian sayings. Our day trip in Venice was off to a hilarious start. 

Next, we grabbed lunch at a nearby restaurant. For the first time, I finally saw spaghetti and meatballs on the menu so of course I had to order that. It was fantastic and overall I had a great meal. 

Quickly after lunch we met up with the rest of the group and went on yet another tour. Unfortunately, the temperature continued to drop and the wind picked up speed. This made a completely outdoor walking tour close to unbearable. I felt bad for our tour guide because she was trying her best to keep the group entertained, but there was nothing she could say or show us to make us warm. Despite the freezing cold, I still felt the tour was worthwhile because I got to see a large portion of the city. 

For the remainder of the day, we had free time and a large group of us found a place to sit in the sun and we all took a very brief nap. Sitting in the sun was rejuvenating because we had just spent the past 2.5 hours on a freezing walking tour. We also explored the city without the use of navigation on our phones which allowed us to actually take in the sights instead of always looking at a screen. I love exploring and I enjoyed my time in Venice. 

Tomorrow we have another day in Verona and I’m excited to learn more about the city!

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