Day 11: Presentations!

I’m not an early riser, and so when I saw the first thing on the agenda was presentations, starting at 1 pm, I had no intention of waking up early. We decided to meet up at the University at 10 am, which was more than fine with me. I took a nice shower, and put on my favorite shirt, practicing a spicy introduction I had written a few hours prior. After I had perfected my suit and intro, I headed over to breakfast and had actual breakfast for the first time since I was in Germany/at the hotel – not just a chocolate croissant. I was pleasantly surprised with the options offered. I met up with the other American kids and we were off on a journey to the university.

As we headed to Uni, everyone practiced their parts over and over again until it was vocal-muscle memory, if such a thing exists. Everyone was doing such an amazing job, I was so happy and proud to be part of this group. When we got to the university we did a run through and I realized we were missing a part towards the end for innovation. So, two hours before the presentation, I made the slides and memorized the part of innovation for optimization. Luckily, it was right down my alley and I was able to successfully present that information. We were the third to present, so right in the middle. I’m used to it, being a middle child and all (older sister 5 years older, younger sister 2 minutes younger. Quite in the middle, wouldn’t you agree?). I thought our presentation was pretty solid and I was proud of all my group members.

Seeing the rest of the presentations surprised me – I knew they would all be amazing (they were!) because all the people on the trip were dedicated and amazing, but I was surprised at how much I learnt! After all, we were all present for the company visits, but everyone’s analysis was so intriguing and really added a new perspective to each company. I was proud of our entire program and what we had accomplished in just days.

Jeff and I went out to get chocolate at the local supermarket, ReWe, upon Arielle’s suggestion. We had pretty much gone through every ice cream flavor possible, so we decided to take a break and get some mocha, and I was not disappointed. Amongst all the flavors I got, I really enjoyed the cracker/chocolate hybrid and the Oreo-flavor – it was so much sweeter than I was expecting and I really enjoyed it.

We headed out to our farewell dinner, and it was so sweet. Our group loved our gifts, which made me really happy; after all, we had bought them without knowing who we would be working with. I got some really good food, not sure what it’s called, but I was in love with the salad. If you know me, you know that’s a rare thing for me to say. The dressing was really sweet with undertones of honey, and it was really thin and fluid. It wasn’t like American/Italian dressing and I was really intrigued by it; I wondered if Germans used thicker dressings.

The best people. <3

It was so sad, realizing I wouldn’t see some of these Germans ever again, but we made the most of our night, spending every minute we could with each other. And with that, I end the night and I will see you tomorrow! 🙂

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