Last Days in Argentina :(

Over the past few days our group was able learn a lot about the history of Argentina. On Thursday, we split into two groups to visit different hospitals in a short time. My group visited Hospital Fernandez and the other group saw San Isidro Hospital. These two hospitals varied in their structure’s as mine was a general hospital and the other was a maternity hospital. After these site visits our next activity was going to the Evita museum. Before this trip I had never heard of Evita Perone and I am now really glad that I have. The impact that she has made on Argentina’s development as a country is astounding. She was the first voice for women, children, and people in the lower class.

The impact of Evita Perone can be seen all throughout different parts of Argentina today (and I don’t just mean because there are art sculptures of her face on sides of buildings). For example, in the hospitals we visited her impact can be seen in many different aspects. Evita started one of the first nursing schools in Argentina for women. Before this, women were often unable to apply and obtain positions in the workforce. With her school of nursing the first real job for women was born. This role could be seen in both hospitals we visited, as the majority of the staff was female nurses. Not only this, but the San Isidro Hospital is solely based around the needs of a mother and her child. This is directly related to the impact that Evita had on society here in Argentina. By bringing a focus to women and children, she was the first to address the importance of taking care of the family first.

A final way in which Evita’s impact is seen is that she was always promoting better living for the poor and lower class. This completely corresponded with something that the director of Hospital Fernandez said. When asked his biggest challenge he quickly explained how he thinks the first concern of the hospital should be providing care to those who cannot retrieve it for themselves. These two themes go hand in hand with one another and yet again prove Evita Perone’s long-lasting impact on this country.

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