Should I Invest in Ireland?

Sadly, today is our last day. Being able to explore Dublin has been amazing and I am so lucky to have had the chance to study abroad here! Yesterday, we got to hear from Raymond Bowe, a longtime employee of IDA Ireland. He has worked there for 30 years so he was able to give us intensive insights on the organization. IDA Ireland promotes foreign direct investment (FDI) into Ireland. He was able to explain FDI to us and show us why it is beneficial to invest in Ireland. When Mr. Bowe was presenting, I was able to come up with some pros and cons of investing in Ireland. 


  • English speaking country in the European Union
  • Diverse and young labor pool
  • Low corporate tax rate (12.5%)
  • Best country in Western Europe to invest in 
  • In the top 10 for most innovative countries in the world


  • Concerns with Brexit 
  • Housing prices
  • Ireland is very sensitive to other countries actions (ex: United States)

Although there are cons to investing in Ireland, the pros seem to outweigh them. Brexit is definitely a concern but despite that, Ireland was the top economic performer in Europe in 2018. I think it would be very beneficial to invest in Ireland now, but it is important to make sure you keep an eye on the Brexit situation to avoid any problems that may occur from it. 

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