Verona: Day 11

Today started out the same as always by grabbing a bite to eat in the hotel. I was a little wary of whether or not I would enjoy this morning’s lesson considering the lengthy lecture time listed on our agenda. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed learning about the Fashion Consortium and the large amount of knowledge I was able to take away from it. I actually had to do my presentation on this organization as one of my assignments in the pre-departure meeting but found it very confusing and hard to understand at the time. Yet, I finally gained some clarity on what they are and what they do.

The Fashion Consortium is a network made up of 400 companies that do everything from creating cloth to merchandising in the actual stores. It is a place that forces competitors to come together and work together in order to keep reaching their individual goals as a small business. Despite the number of companies, they’re still producing everything in Italy which helps them be really efficient when it comes to responding to the fast changes in fashion. They were founded by a group of companies who felt they needed a larger force in order to compete internationally and that it was their strength in numbers that would create this force. This allowed all of the companies to work together and help each other out by providing different services to one another. This also benefitted each company by increasing their international network from sharing different contacts.

After our morning lecture we were given a free day to explore the rest of Verona on our own. Bianca and I set out to walk through the different shops one last time and grabbed probably the best pizza yet at a little pizza shop in an alley. Later on we had plans to meet up at the castle to watch the sunset over the water. We ended up meeting up with everyone on this trip and watched the sunset all together on the beach below the castle’s bridge. This was such a fun bonding experience and most definitely the best way to conclude our time here in Verona.

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