Verona to Milano: Day 12

Another early morning in Verona yet sadly it will be our last as we returned our keys one last time. We had a long day ahead of us with 3 company visits scheduled. The first was at Grupo Sinergia which was a logistics service provider. Their clients range from food, fashion and appliance companies. The president of Grupo Sinergia claimed that this service provider can be looked at as strange compared to others. One reason is because typically a company is structured with a founder, secretary, and approximately 25 workers in a warehouse. On the other hand this company has 45 people in total with 12 being operations colleagues, 15 in customer service and the rest remaining in the warehouse. A really impressive fact was that they haven’t lost a single client in 10 years. Another cool point in his lecture was when he compared his services to Amazon’s and explained why they choose to do things differently then Amazon. Amazon packages all of its clients’ products the exact same, therefore there is no differentiation between one brand and another. In europe on the other hand the personalization of a brand is highly valued. This is why at Grupo Singergia they hand package each order individually, specializing the packaging. 

Our next company visit was to Sartorial Cavour which is a company that makes men’s suits either made to wear or for big companies such as Dolce and Gabbana and Ralph Lauren. We were able to feel a few different kinds of fabric such as: cashmere, silk, and bamboo that are used to make their suits. Hearing that bamboo is a type of fabric used to make clothing was so interesting but apparently it is very popular here in Europe and feels incredibly soft. 

For lunch we took a pitstop at a local restaurant for pizza. Along our way to our third company visit we pulled off to the side of the road to take pictures of the beautiful view that’s featured in this blog post. 

Our last visit was to MF1 and this was honestly one of the coolest opportunities I’ve ever been able to experience. We were able to meet with Mario himself and basically start from the bottom of the company up. We walked through the entire workshop and learned about the different machinery used to create different textures and embroidery in the pieces both digitally and by hand. This machinery is updated and switched out every year to keep up with the latest technological advances. Then we were taken upstairs to be shown the academy in which students go through 2 years of schooling in design or tailoring. At the end of their second year the students have a “recital” in which they display all of their collection on a catwalk inside the building. One of my favorite parts was looking at the real life sketches drawn by some of the students. To conclude our tour we were taken to the vault and were shown several pieces that MF1 constructed for a variety of designers. We even were able to look at Versace’s last design he ever made right before his death in which “Miami” was embroidered down the center. Overall today was breathtaking being able to see first hand how much work and how many individuals are necessary to create the products that are displayed and purchased from the shelves of stores. I’m so thankful to have had this opportunity and find it bittersweet to have one last day in Milan tomorrow. 

Ciao for now! 

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