Yummy in my Tummy

I’ve had raw fish, raw cookie dough, but I would’ve never thought I’d eat raw, live octopus.

My verdict? Yum.

Before I get to describing this moving meal of mine, let me talk about Hyundai Motor Company, our only company visit of today. I enjoyed todays visit, and it really piqued my interest in cars – I am very motivated to learn more about cars this love – and we got to get inside some of the cars they had inside their building. Some of their cars seemed to have pretty fair prices, considering the fact that one USD holds more value than the won. Afterwards, we visited the plant in which they produce the cars. Seeing how they put parts in by workers and how these pieces were moved throughout the assembly line was really cool. I also thought their process of moving their new cars into the ships was very smooth, and we were able to see the cars drive into the ship at a good quick pace.

On our way to our hotel, we stopped at Haeundae, a really pretty beach. We got some ice cream and shrimp chips, and enjoyed the sun and breeze.

After unloading our luggages at the hotel, we took a bus to Songdo Beach, a nice beach, perhaps not to swim, but to relax. We walked around taking pictures of the setting sun and the rocky areas.

Getting our exercise in.

A group of us took the cable car to Amrak Park, and atop this journey we saw the setting sun and the gorgeous city. It was a refreshing view. At Amrak Park, there were food stands, cute tourist decor, and several paths for walking. We walked on the steep paths, took in the view of the coast with its numerous ships, and lush green forests.

We met up with Dr. Yun and Dr. Clark, and we were treated to – drumroll please – live octopus.

Live octopus is basically a chopped up octopus. We could see the tentacles of the octopus squirm around. The smaller bits of the tentacles looked like little earthworms as they wiggled around.

Time to dig in.

This was quite an experience. Who knew that I’d be eating live octopus? I’m not even a fan of cooked octopus. But I did it. I dunked that squirming piece of seafood in the salted sesame oil and ate it.

First time riding a cable car!

And of course I have to mention the delicious Korean dessert we were treated to at the end of the night. It was composed of shaved ice, chocolate, and green tea ice cream. Delicious.

Which one would you rather eat? This or live octopus?

Life is amazing. I wouldn’t have thought that I’d be going on a cable car overseeing the sunset of Busan and eating live octopus? Today was a good day.

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