Creating A Safe AND Efficient Working World

With the emergence of heavy industries in Korea, improving both safety and efficiency have become a focus in developing as leader within an industry. The Plus3 Korea Program visited two sites relating to these objectives, which were Trainer Korea and Busan New Container Terminal. Trainer Korea is a Norwegian organization based in Busan, focusing on providing electrical safety training in oil production and shipbuilding. The certification Trainer Korea provides acts as a guarantee from a third party that a worker can complete specific duties, and is applicable internationally with participating countries recognizing the certification. Obtaining distinguishing professional certifications in Korea tends to vary from the processes in the Western workforce. It is not uncommon for Koreans to individually pursue and utilize personal finances to receive a certification, whereas in the U.S. workers are often motivated by rewards and compensation from an employer for earning a certification, such as passing the CPA exam. It was interesting to consider these efforts that Koreans make to increase the attractiveness of their candidacy in a competitive hiring market, especially at the following site visit of the day, Busan New Container Terminal (BNCT). This company is a full-service container terminal that operates with smart systems in a designated, automation-only environment through a vertical system that optimizes productivity by eliminating delays that are standard to competing firms. It was a privilege to receive an explanation of this process and insight about the Korean working world from BNCT CEO, John Elliott. From an American upbringing, Elliott possesses an engineering background and an extensive history in operating ports. With the plethora of knowledge that Elliott obtained through his work, he was able to establish BNCT in 2012. Elliott provides a unique perspective as a CEO wherein he is not solely concerned with information reported to him, but is able to be highly active in identifying opportunities and threats to the company. Thus, it was a special experience to observe the role of industry safety and efficiency firsthand, and has changed my career-oriented views by reiterating the importance of possessing a strong attention to detail and being professionally responsible.

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