A legacy

It would only be proper for us to learn about the history of Argentina during these two weeks that we spent in this beautiful country. So, that is exactly what we did. After a cultural lecture about the history of Argentina that we had a couple of days ago, we acquired some crucial information about the history of former president Perón and his wife Eva Perón. However, all of this heartwarming knowledge was solidified through our visit to the Evita museum yesterday. It was a peaceful and touching experience to say the least.

During this tour, we learned about the amazing yet short lived life of Eva Perón, starting from her childhood all the way to her unfortunate death. However, other than the glorious dresses she wore, the gorgeous house that she stayed in, and her phenomenal acting career, the most important thing was the impact that her short lived life has left on all citizens of Argentina, no matter if it is men or women.

In my opinion, Eva Perón was more than just a person to the society that she lived in. She was and still is a symbol of love, strength, and most importantly, hope. Because of Perón, women are able to speak out for themselves, vote under their own name and finally, familiarize themselves with the idea that they are no inferior to their male counterparts. As a result, I believe several significant long lasting establishments under her influences.

Related to our prompt for example, I believe that some public hospitals are established not specifically in her name but in her spirit. In my personal opinion, Eva Perón represented such a positive force in the community that it motivated the people of her generation and the people for generations to come. The ideology of public hospitals looking to help out the community as much as possible is parallel to the ideology of Perón. For Perón, she made it her priority for women to have equal rights as their male counterparts as the public care system strives to create equal care for all citizens despite having its challenges through the main issue of fragmentation.

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