Automobiles and Octopi

On Tuesday we went to Hyundai Motor Company. Of all our tours, our tour of Hyundai’s factory was perhaps the most interesting and in depth tour of the actual operations. 

Manufacturing of the cars is split into four parts: stamping, welding, assembling, and painting. When we got into the factory, we travelled above the factory floor on a metal walkway. From the air, we could view the cars passing by on a conveyer belt below. First workers took off the doors, then they went through the process of installing parts into the body of the car. Almost none of the work in that particular factory was automated; because the parts were so small and delicate, they still preferred workers for installing them.

I really enjoyed our tour, I’ve never thought of myself as much of a car person, but seeing the internal mechanisms and the assembly process was incredibly interesting. Going to this factory has really caused me to consider whether I might want to co-op with a car company.

After our tour, we had a free day to explore Busan. We started off at Haeunde beach, the most famous beach in Busan. We got off the bus and Jeff, Tyler, and I walked around until we would up at a Chinese restaurant. I had a spicy noodle soup, and the table split some dumplings. 

After lunch, we walked down to the pier and sat on the rocks in the sun for a bit. We chatted for a while and generally enjoyed being near the water, and then we wandered back to the major group.

Later in the day, a larger group went out to Songdo beach. We chatted on the sand for a bit, while a couple members of the group swam out to a platform in the water. After about an hour, Jordan, Emma, Jasmine, Thomas, and I split off to take an elevated cable car over the water, which was absolutely gorgeous and took us (unexpectedly) to a small dinosaur themed park. We wandered around the park for a bit and then ran into Dr. Yun, who took us out for live octopus. It was super intimidating at first (it squirms on the plate!) but honestly wasn’t that strange to eat (you hardly notice it moving while you eat it) and actually tasted okay. It wasn’t my favorite food, but it was absolutely worth trying. 

After the octopus, we took the cable car back and went out for Korean shaved ice. This time we had a more traditional flavor: red bean and sesame. Like any ice cream, it was delicious, and it was a great end to a long day at the beach.

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