The Robotic Port

The agenda for today is to go to Trainor Korea and then the Busan New Container Terminal. I did not have breakfast today because I had a very bad sore throat in the morning. We left for Trainor at 9 and arrived at around 10. Trainor is a company that trains electrical workers and certifies them and the machinery that they work on. In a sense they are a global certifier. Originally based in Norway, they have made their way to Sweden and South Korea along with some other countries around the world. The man giving our presentation about Trainor was originally from Sweden, just as another student on the Korea trip. At the end of the presentation the student that was from Sweden spoke Swedish to the man and everyone else was staring in awe, though we all expected them to speak about Sweden it is still another thing to actually hear Swedish being spoken in Korea.

We then took the bus to the Busan New Container Terminal. This was another one of the favorite visits because of the way that this company runs their port. The company itself has very little employees because their entire port is robotic. The only thing that isn’t robotic are the truck drivers. All of the cranes that pick up and move the crates back and forth are entirely automated. I thought that this was very cool.

After this I had gone back to the hotel and then I went out to eat dinner. After walking around Busan for quite some time, my group and I ended up in the Lotte mall to eat and we got burgers. The burgers themselves were fairly good, but the fries and milkshake that I got along with it were not as good. The fries were somewhat stale and the milkshake tasted very strange, though that could have been because I was fairly congested. After this I had gone back to the hotel and slept to prepare for the next day to come

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