Day 11: Hyundai Motors has it figured out

The Hyundai Motor Company Plant was our one company visit today. The bus left the hotel in Ulsan this morning at 9:30 and we arrived at the plant at 10:00 am. Immediately when we got there we were put into a room and given a small presentation about the Hyundai Motor Company and the plant. They showed us the company vision video that gave an overview of the cars they produced and the hopes of where they want to be in the future. When this presentation was over, they allowed us to go in the showroom where all their models of cars being produced in the plant were on display for us to check out. They had one innovative green car that is being made that creates its own energy through the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen together, an alternative to fossil fuel usage. The Ulsan plant produces around 1,400,000 cars a year, most of which are exported to countries around the world. Our tour guide took our group to one of the assembly lines in the plant where we got to see a car being put together from start to finish. This process was unbelievable to watch as a car body would go down one line with nothing in it or on it and would come down the other line almost fully completed in just about 20 minutes. What was also really cool about the Hyundai motor company plant was that it had its own port that could dock ships to load up all the cars being shipped overseas. This is very cost efficient as they don’t have to pay to transport their cars to another port for them to be moved across an ocean. We saw drivers whipping the cars up the ramps and into the boats docked there. I believe there are one hundred drivers per boat, and they are all followed by a bus that takes them back to more cars after they load the cars they are driving onto the boat. They seemed to have had the whole process figured out with efficiency at this enormous plant. After this visit, most of our group took a taxi or a bus to Songdo beach close to the hotel. This beach was cool because it had a turtle diving platform in the water and cable cars going over the water in the distance. We went swimming and dove off of the platform into the sea.

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