Jinsan Marine Management and Hyundai Heavy Industries

The first visit of the day was Jinsan Marine Management, a company which acts as a supplier to ships as they travel. For example, they provide food and supplies for crews as well as spare parts for ships. We were fortunate to have the president of the company, Matthew Gang, speak with us and give us a tour of the facilities. Established in May of 1990 the company, under the guidance of Mr. Gang who worked as a marine engineer for seven years prior, steadily worked its way into several aspects of the shipping service industry. They achieved the ISO 9001 certification in 2000 and became an authorized Hyundai-engine sales agent in 2002. The company of 70 employees in Ulsan received the $20 million export tower in 2012, and most recently they opened the Ulsan Jinsan duty-free shop in 2013.

Some of Jinsan Marine Management’s goals posted on the wall in the entrance to their office.

The company clearly displayed Korean perseverance and focus that we had discussed earlier in the trip as characteristics of the country. It was evident that the company got to where it is from hard work and they took pride in their achievements.

Jinsan Marine Management is an authorized seller of Hyundai engine parts.

We were also able to visit Hyundai Heavy Industries where we walked through a brief exhibit on their history and were able to tour their shipbuilding facilities. We saw their dry docks where they actually assembled the ships. One of the most startling things about this visit was the scale of the operation, which is something I was aware of before the company visit but being able to look down into the docks and see the massive ships so close gave me a different perspective and truly appreciate the size of what they were building. The dry docks were also incredibly large with the third one capable of housing three to four ships undergoing the building process simultaneously, and we learned it took six hours to fill the dock with water and more than twice as long to drain. ffff

A Hyundai department store near Hyundai Heavy Industries, which demonstrates the reach Hyundai has across sectors.

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