Five years from now…

“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.” – William Butler

Today is the last day of our trip! Everyone was very sad to leave Ireland and each other. No more Siroos breakfasts, no more Wild Rover bus naps, no more Griffith College and CAPA, no more Warhol soup cans, no more late night ice cream runs, no more WhatsApp.

This Plus3 trip was amazing. I’ve met a dozen new friends. I got to spend my 21st birthday with the group. I survived a cancelled flight and being stuck in Charlotte. I visited an European country for the first time. I’ve increased my cultural competency and sharpened my business acumen. I enjoyed company visits and now know what I want in my future employer and job.

If I flash forward from now, 5 years later, the first thing I will remember is the people I met. 15 strangers became good friends. Maybe I’m just a very sentimental person, but I tend to hold the littlest memories in my heart and I definitely made many of those on this trip. From the deep late night conversations to the early morning complaining, we all bonded by spending every single day together for two weeks. I did not spend a day on this trip without smiling or laughing (many many times, laughing so hard I cried). The Plus3 group made the trip unforgettable and I’m already missing everyone very much.

I am confident these people will go places. 5 years from now, they will be managers and senior accountants and startup founders, and I will be honored to say I studied abroad with these people!

5 years from now, I also will never forget how Ireland is the friendliest country I have ever visited. There was not one person here who was rude or unhappy. The country was peaceful and happy and life was so simple.

In 5 years, I will have memories of what Ireland was like in 2019 and try to make comparisons. I’m confident that Ireland will only continue to grow and become a major player in the global economy. It’s already a large tech hub, and technology is the future for careers. I’m very excited to see the continual growth that Ireland will experience in the upcoming years.

As for coming back to Ireland, I would be very willing to do this all over again. I would love to visit other places first such as Italy, Germany, and Korea, but if I had the opportunity to come again, I would jump on it. However, I would not stay in Dublin again unless I was here for business. Instead, I would love to stay at Galway or even Northern Ireland, and also be able to see more of the countryside instead of just the city.

Overall, I learned so much on this trip about Ireland and its culture, history, and economy. I learned how to be more adaptable with unexpected situations and to have grit during tiring and harsh times. I learned that business travel is exhausting and is not the same thing as leisure travel. I learned that studying abroad is 100% worth the hype that it has, and I highly recommend it to all students! It is hands down one of the best parts of my college experience so far. Goodbyes are hard, but I hope to see everyone in Oakland in the fall!

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