From Busan to the Beach: May 14th

May 14th marks another travel day for our trip to Korea. The stay at our previous hotel was sadly short-lived. Once breakfast was finished, we boarded the bus and were on our way to the first site visit for the day. We arrived in just under one and a half hours and entered the Hyundai Motor Company in Busan. The trip was terrific, and we were able to see both the assembly line and the shipping area. Lines and lines of cars were at the docks waiting to be driven onto the shipping boats for their voyage to their final destinations. Professional drivers drove the vehicles onto the ship at a rapid pace and parked with close precision. We were told that these drivers take shifts throughout the day and work very long hours compared to standards in the United States. Working long hours was a common cultural theme throughout all of South Korea.

After finishing the bus tour, we said thank you and goodbye to our tour guide and the Hyundai Motor Company. We were now on our way to Busan, which is known as the second largest city in South Korea. For most of the bus trip to the new hotel, I was either fast asleep or listening to music. The ride was smooth, and we got to our new hotel, The Crown Harbor Hotel. Once we arrived, we took the time to get ready and go to the local beach. There was absolutely no other person on the beach other than the Plus 3 Korea group. I attributed this to the temperature of the water and that it was during the middle of the week at around four o’clock. I have learned that Koreans tend to work long hours and that it is not uncommon for workers to work longer hours regularly.

Although the temperature was hot, the water was freezing cold. It took some time before we all decided that we would go into the water for the first time. Soon after we all agreed to go in, we lined up on the sand. The plan was to all run into the water at the same time so that we would all be cold together. On the count of three, we all ran and were engulphed by the sea. In total, we spent about three hours on the beach. The day was coming to an end, and being able to end it on the beach was worth the trip.

Being that we were all exhausted from swimming, we had decided to go back to the hotel and get ready for bed. The taxi ride was about fifteen minutes from the hotel. Having paid the driver, we all got out of the car and went straight for the showers. After having finished our showers, my roommate and I decided to eat dinner. We had Korean style fried chicken from a restaurant located within the hotel. The chicken was just what we needed to fill our stomachs after a long day. At the end of our meal, we paid the check and went back to our room for a long rest to prepare for the next day.

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