Day 12: Back to Milan

Day 12 saw us say goodbye to Verona. This was a bit sad because Verona was such a cool city that I enjoyed staying in. Hopefully I can return sometime in the future to the wonderful city.

The first business shadow of the day was at Grupo Sinergia, a logistics company outside of Verona handles warehouse and distribution for its clients. Touring the warehouse and learning about Grupo Sinergia wasn’t too riveting, but it was at least cool to see a little into a company that acts as a middle man between product and consumer, a step in the supply chain sometimes forgotten about.

The next business shadow was Sartoria Cavour, a tailoring company. It was neat that the head of the company was the one to give us the tour, he seemed very passionate about tailoring. It was obvious he knew his stuff after giving some valuable fitting tips to Mr. Bursic.

The final shadow of the day (and the trip) was at the MF1 Knitwear factory. Researching this company was my assignment before the trip, but truth be told it did not wow me doing the pre departure research as much as it did today going there. MF1 was my favorite shadow. I really appreciated that Mario Foroni himself helped give us the tour. It stood out to me that despite being such a major player in the Italy fashion industry, he was rather soft spoken. Traveling through the plant, it was awesome to see all the knitwear from some of the most well known fashion brands in the world including Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, and Chanel. We also got to see the custom embroidered pants that MF1 made for Madonna. More so, MF1 I think stands as a great example of a fashion company dedicated to creating the future due to its constant reinvestment into its machinery and its academy.

Now back to Milan for the final day of the trip!


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