Goodbye Costa Rica

Over the past two weeks, I’ve seen a lot of Costa Rica and learned a lot about the supply chain. The definition of Design and launching can be narrowed to innovating. Often innovation is found at every level.

When we look at the coffee producers or suppliers in the supply chain they innovate by using their own unique advantages. For instance, Doka Estate uses the fact that they have a very large plantation to their advantage. They do this by separating out genetically mutated coffee beans and Roasting them into their peaberry coffee. Or LIFE Monteverde who use the fact that they are very experienced with sustainable practices to educate others for a fee.

Moving on to the coffee roasters. Their innovation comes mostly in their ability to market their coffee effectively. People respond to sustainability and sourcing. Marketing a coffee as sustainable attract new customers as they feel they are doing more than simply buying coffee. Additionally, knowing where the coffee comes from really helps the customer identify with the coffee and the flavor and really helps build your brand.

The innovation from retail stores like Star Bucks and Dunkin comes from how they prepare their coffee. At Icafe we learned about A preparation method called Bandola. Where you use a very specific pot and a coffee filter to extract the best tastes from the coffee.

Finally, the customer might innovate in how they consume their coffee. At Café Britt we learned of the best ways to drink coffee. That is to slurp it so that it reaches every part of your tongue. Even in this way the Customer might be part of the innovation process.

Overall I’ve learned a lot about innovation in the coffee field over the past two weeks. I think I’ll miss Costa Rica but hope to return one day. ¡Pura Vida!

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