Shipping Yards, Site Visits, and Shopping While in Busan: May 15th

Today started like any other day. We woke up and got breakfast and reported to the lobby for our first site visit of the day. Having researched the companies for today’s visit, I was very excited to explore and ask questions about their facilities. The first company that we were scheduled to visit was Trainor. Trainor is a company that specializes in offering training to workers in electrical safety within the oil and gas industry. This company has found its niche in Busan being that shipping companies require certified workers as well as equipment to operate and perform their daily jobs.

When we arrived at Trainor, we were surprised to see that the manager of the Busan location was Swedish. We were able to ask him many questions about the working culture in South Korea and what differences he observed while living in Korea. After introducing himself, Henrik Ekund, the manager of the Trainor location in Busan, gave an overview of what services their company provides and how they continue to stay relevant in today’s competitive world. He was also able to shine a light on his personal experiences as a non-Korean resident living in South Korea. What he said was that the Korean people are very welcoming and care about helping others. This fell directly in line with what I personally experienced during my time in South Korea.

Once we were finished at Trainor, it was time for lunch. We had cold noodles and dumplings. The cold noodles were a bit odd at first. I was expecting the noodles to be served in a hot broth rather than an ice chilled broth.

Nevertheless, I ate the noodles, and they were actually very delicious when paired with the steamed dumplings. When lunch was over, the group was given around an hour of free time to wander around the local area. During this time, we decided to go to the largest department store in the world. In here we found every single store imaginable. There were over ten different floors with a golfing range on the very top level. However, time soon came for us to leave the mall and go back to the bus.

When we were all boarded, we traveled to our second site visit, Busan New Container Terminal. This was one of my favorite site visits to date. When we arrived, we were brought into a meeting room where the CEO, John Elliot, discussed his history and the history of the BNCT. Mr. Elliot’s experiences were fascinating, and we were able to learn more about the adaptation into Korean culture, being that he was originally from the United States. When we were all finished with questions, we were taken up to the control room and shown the large shipping yard. Each container is accounted for using smart systems for location and identification of the crates.

In the end, we said goodbye to the BNCT and were on our way back to our hotel. The trip was long enough for me to catch up on sleep and listen to music. When we were all back to the hotel, we had decided to go on the search for dinner. I was particularly looking for a burger which was conveniently located in the nearby mall. After walking for about fifteen minutes, we found the restaurant with burgers. Following dinner, we all decided to walk around the department store and then head back to the hotel. I ended my night with a Netflix movie, a warm shower, and then went to bed.

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