The Advancing Ports

Today was our first full day in Busan and it included two company visits. We started our day at Trainor Korea. Trainor Korea is a specialist company that offers training in the areas of electrical and automation safety. They provide training courses through classroom and practical work to certify the workers. With each country  having different regulations, the International Electrotechnical Commission has created universal standards to simplify everything and Trainor has meet these strict quality requirements concerning training in potentially explosive atmospheres. This means that a certificate given by Trainor is valid anywhere in the world. The president of Trainor Korea, Henrik Ekund gave us a presentation about the safety regarding Korea and explosive atmospheres and how Trainor is battling accidents. A very interesting point that he brought up is that Korea has very well written laws that apply well to safety, however with Korea’s culture of “Bali Bali” or “Hurry Hurry”, many employees end up taking shortcuts. These shortcuts ends up being dangerous and causes accidents. This is why 98% of the accidents that occur is preventable. Therefore Trainor Korea offers these constantly updating courses and continuous certification courses to emphasize safety and reduce the accidents.

Afterward we grabbed lunch as a group and had a popular Korean dish that was cold noodles. It was really interesting and it was odd having cold food. It tasted pretty good but I was not used to cold meals. We then had some time to spare before our next visit and got to walk around the worlds largest department store called Shinsegae. It was massive and had some very luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Coach.

We then drove an hour away to Busan New Container Terminal. This is a relatively new, independent full-service container terminal. We were seated in a conference room and was spoken to by the CEO John Elliot. He had a very impressive career where he helped build several container ports. He told us about the company and its advanced terminal. It was the first vertical-automated terminal in Asia and this means it is way more efficient than others. It allows trucks to come in and quickly either unload or load containers to its truck bed. The terminal has a capacity of 2.5 million TEUs (units of 20 foot long containers) and is the fifth largest terminal in the world. With the vertical terminal and fully automated yard, it has the shortest distance traveled by trucks and this allows for faster and continuous flow of containers. I found it so interesting how its using such advanced technology to make it so efficient. The yard, the middle section where all the containers are held, is fully automated so that means the movement of containers from trucks to the yard and then to where the containers will be put on the ships is completely automated. This allows for quicker movement and for continuous 24/7 action.

Busan New Container Terminal

Once we were done here we headed back to the hotel. For the rest of the night a small group of us went and grabbed delicious Korean BBQ and walked around the nice city of Busan. We then headed back to bed and made sure to get rest before our last day of visits.

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