Day 13: München and Relaxin

For our final day in Germany, we got a free day to do whatever we wanted to do.

I decided to head back to Munich with 5 other people to see more of the city. Today was the first day I had to be independent and work my way around Germany without the help of our program coordinators or the German students. I was up for the challenge and was excited to see how well we could do. It felt like a practice run for a future study abroad program. We already went to Munich for one day, so I was familiar with everything, but it was different because we needed to get around the city and no one spoke German. Because Munich is so big, most people also speak English, but there were a couple times in stores where we were challenged with a language barrier.

We got to the Augsburg train station and paid for our group ticket, which only ended up being about 15 Euros per person for the round trip.

We walked through the main shopping area in Munich so we could browse some cool items and buy some gifts for our friends and family back home. Nick is a big surfer back home, and Munich has an iconic surfing spot in the city. So, we stopped at a surf shop for him so he could get a Munich surfing shirt. The surf shop was really nice and had some expensive clothes and clothing brands. I was tempted to buy something for myself, but I decided not to because it too expensive. They had some a nice jacket that was appealing, but I already have enough jackets.

We then went to lunch at the German market and I had currywurst, which is a spicy German sausage. It was really good, and the sauce was very tasty. We sat there and talked for a long time and enjoyed the warm weather. We bought some strawberries in the market and they were really good. Germany is known for their strawberries at this time of the year, and there are strawberry street shops everywhere in Munich (and in Augsburg). We sat and talked for a while and reflected on our entire trip, the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

After lunch, we went to a few souvenir shops and I bought a couple things for friends and family back home. We ended our day in Munich at a Mexican restaurant called Sausalitos. Here in Munich, Mexican food is not even close to the same as in the United States. There was a lot of meat on my tacos, and it definitely had a German style. It was still decent, but it wasn’t as amazing as Mexican food back home.

We went back to the station and took a train back home just before dinner. We went to get Doner again at the new place, and I spent the rest of the night catching up on all of my other blogs. Here in Germany, we do not have as much free time to catch up on the blogs each day, so I have had to write them in small increments whenever I get the chance.

A Tricycle found in Augsburg

Today was just a chill day, and I did not do too much. Tomorrow is our travel day, so I am preparing for the entire day and making sure I have everything packed up properly. Soon, I will be posting a final reflection review the entire trip.

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