A trip to remember

This is not only one of the best trips in my life because it was my first time in latin America. This trip was phenomenal for the people, the knowledge, and culture, and of course, the food too. No matter how this blog is written, to me, it will always seemed rushed, just because some of the experiences we had as a group was indescribable. From this trip, I have made connection with some of the kindest and most passionate people that this world has to offer. I have learned crucial knowledge that is critical for my future development and I have tested delicious cuisines that have excited my body and brain like never before.

Starting off with the people. I do not know if this is because of the nature of Argentina, but the city of Buenos Aires offered me some of the most energetic and kindest people I now know. One of my favorite memories dates back to the beginning of the trip, when we had a mixer event with the Austral students. We were asked to create posters together for the moms that live in poor areas in order to bring them courage. Through this, I realized that even though we come from drastically different cultures, we are all united by a kind heart and empathy for the underprivileged. Because I am a huge fanatic of Latin music, reggaetón to be specific, one of the best moments from this mixer was when one of our group member starting a popular reggaetón song with me. It felt like we had a deeper connection than just sharing the rhythm of a song together.  

Moving onto the knowledge that I have acquired from this trip. Even though I understand that trip is about the healthcare system, the experience that left a significant mark on me had little to do with the technical side of the healthcare system. From the visited to the hospice of the good samaritan, I was able to look at life’s most important part— death, much more positively. Due to my prior negative experiences of dealing with death, I have not had the most optimistic attitude about how to celebrate one’s life. However, through the soothing voice and the magical voice of our lecturer, it felt like I was sent into a zone where nothing mattered but learning to appreciate the precious moments of life that lays right in front of our eyes. In my opinion, there is nothing more crucial to be learned that this.

To sum up a chapter in my life that I didn’t want to finish. This is an experience of a lifetime, but it would not have been such a life changing experience if not for the people that sacrificed their time and energy on us. Thank you to all.

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