Day 13: Pitt to PNU

It was a sad day today. Our last company visit and University visit in Korea. I woke up at 9 am, got dressed in my business casual attire and headed down to get on the bus to travel around Busan. Unfortunately, one of the companies we were supposed to visit today canceled so instead the Asia Institute scheduled a visit to the United States Consulate. When we arrived, we were brought into a classroom and the United States diplomat in Busan gave a presentation about what his role is in Korea and a brief description about the political history and culture of the nation. He said how people still thank him for the United States saving South Korea in the 1950’s from the communist control of the Democratic Republic of North Korea. He gave us a tour of the very small consulate, consisting of only 4 rooms and told us that it was the smallest U.S. consulate in the world, only having one American working there (himself). After our time at the consulate, we ate lunch at another traditional Korean restaurant where they served us a delicious sesame chicken in a sweet and spicy sauce. Preceding lunch, our last visit was to Pusan National University. The Department of International Affairs gave our group a presentation about the University and all that it has to offer. They even showed us their promotional video. The school also provided our group with a crash course lecture about North Korea. I was fascinated about hot the Kim regime of North Korea stays in power by spreading vast amounts of propaganda and oppressing their own people for continued support for their cause. The people of North Korea are treated so poorly and not supported by the government just so the Kim regime can stay in power and keep the nation in-tact and away from outside influence. Finally, they University staff gave us a tour of the campus. PNU has a beautiful campus and I would love to visit again. The one spot we spent a lot of time at was the engineering school that had so many 3D printers and technology for their students to use to create and finish projects. These were our last activities of the trip and I have learned a lot about the social and professional culture of South Korea through our many visits across the country. Our night concluded with walking around the huge Lotte department store located just a few blocks from our hotel. They had a sick water and light show inside the mall that was fun to watch. I had to buy a few things to bring back home as reminders of this great trip. My group (group 2) has our final presentation tomorrow that I am excited to share with the rest of the Plus 3 Korea members. It is an idea we thought long and hard about and could be helpful if implemented into South Korean society.

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