Day 14: Catching Some Rays on our last Day

Today is our last whole day in the great country of South Korea. This trip has truly been an adventure and an eye-opening experience as to how different people live their lives across the globe. We had unstructured free time today, so we could do anything our hearts desired in the city of Busan. Since there was no designated time to wake up, I slept in until 11 am and that is when my day started. After I woke up, I through on some shorts and a T-Shirt and met up with my buddy Calvin. Calvin and I hopped in a taxi and traveled all the way down to Haeundae beach, the nicest beach in all of South Korea. We were dropped off a good mile from the beach on accident in front of these super nice building complexes and decided to walk to the beach and take in the outstanding luxurious scenery of the area. After some navigating, we made it to the warm sand and went to eat some brunch before catching some rays the rest of the day. Cal and I stumbled upon a nicer looking Korean restaurant down an alley filled with street food and fish markets. We ate some tasty Bulgogi noodle soup and I devoured it. Once done eating, we walked down to the beach and chilled there for the rest of the day until we had to go back to the hotel to get ready for our final presentation. It wasn’t the most ideal day to be at the beach, with an overcast of clouds, but it was warm enough and I guess sunny enough to stay for the day. We met up with the rest of our Plus 3 group who also had the same idea in mind to go to this beach for our free time. Our day at the beach consisted of talking, listening to music, and relaxing from this tiring but fun two-week trip. A few of us hopped in another taxi around 4:00 pm and headed back to the hotel to shower up and get ready for our presentations. Our final group dinner and presenting place was at a seafood buffet down the street from our hotel. My group went last presenting after the three other groups gave their power point presentations on some sort of business our application that they want to implement into South Korea or the United States from something they have learned on this trip. The idea my group came up with was a crowd-sourcing app called trash that would help someone find the nearest trash can to them due to the lack of public trash cans present in South Korea. We put a lot of thought and hard work into the trash app and I think that our presentation was probably the best (not biased at all). Dr. Yun loved the trash app. This was it for our trip as we are leaving tomorrow morning bright and early for our long day of traveling back home!

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