Day 9: Team Audi and SGL

This morning we toured SGL Carbon, a company that manufactures Carbon Fiber for the automotive industry. I was really impressed with this company because of the vast number of products they make. The produce different materials besides carbon fiber as well, such as graphine. The most fascinating thing about carbon fiber is how lightweight it is. For a material stronger than steel to weigh about as much as a piece of paper is nuts. I was able to lift an entire car door made out of carbon fiber with one hand.

The Carbon Fiber Door from SGL

It was equally interesting to see the manufacturing process. The production starts with small white fibers that are rolled out and heated to be bonded into a sheet of the stuff. Then later, they are cut and stacked on top of each other to form different geometries. I wasn’t expecting to be as interested in this company as I was.

After the company visit, my group met at Augsburg University to work on our company presentation. I was tasked with the innovation and R&D sections of the presentation. I split these sections up with my fellow engineer Ryan Earle and we had a good time researching and putting our PowerPoint together. Working with the German students wasn’t really any different than working with students from the US. It was great to get to know them more and work with them on a project like this.

After that, I got dinner with some Pitt people at Murdock’s Irish Pub. They had one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten there. I think it was the coleslaw on the sandwich that made it for me. After a good dinner, I went to bed early to prepare for our early morning departure to Ulm.

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