Goodbye Ireland :(

Sadly, I am not in Ireland anymore. Looking back, I want to tell you what I will remember from this trip in 5 years. Obviously, I have so many pictures that I can look back on, but pictures won’t do those memories justice. There are beautiful places we have visited that can only be seen through visiting Ireland. I also have increased my professional skills and learned so much about business traveling through the site visits we went on.

This trip has taught me so much, and has brought me friends to last a life time. Coming into this trip, I was worried that I would not become close with anyone because none of us knew each other. The unexpected trip to Charlotte made us all bond more than we could have imagined! All of the delayed (and cancelled) flights were blessings in disguise. They were definitely blessings because we all got to experience it together and make the best out of those times, even though all we wanted to do was get to our planned destination. After that, we all stuck together and made this trip something to remember. We shared all of the happy times together while also sharing the miserable ones. Spending every morning at Chorus Café for breakfast, every afternoon with various site visits, and ending every night talking in our living room until the sun came up. 

Before going to Ireland, I have never been on a trip that has been focused mainly on business. Business travel seems so luxurious from the outside; it seems like you will have so much time for exploring and only a little bit of the trip is business. That is not true; it is a challenge focusing all of your time on business in a place where all you want to do is see everything. However, I learned so much professionally. I realized that I do want to travel more, for business and for pleasure. We got to experience many different companies with different backgrounds and see how they run their businesses in Dublin. 

Something else I will remember in 5 years is the amazing sites we saw inside and outside of Dublin. Dublin was different than what I originally thought it would be like but that is what made it so great! It is a big city, but it felt small since we could walk everywhere. I definitely loved spending our time in Dublin, but I loved that we were able to explore places outside of the city, such as Galway, Kilkenny, and Glendalough. Every place we visited was different, each making itself unique from the others. Kilkenny was my favorite place because it was exactly what I thought of when I envisioned Ireland. It was a small, quiet town with castles and cathedrals. I also loved a little town called Howth that we visited. It was so simple and beautiful. Everything about Ireland is so amazing and I would definitely come back if I had the opportunity. I felt that we definitely got to see a lot of Ireland but if I went back, I would spend more time in the places we visited for only a few hours. 

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