May 15 – Presentations and Schnitzel

Today was the day of presentations! I was happy to finally be done with our project and site visits so I could relax and enjoy the rest of my time in Germany. The presentations were scheduled to start at 1, so we had the whole morning to practice. My group headed to the university around 9:30 so we would have plenty of time to rehearse and finalize our presentation. I was very stressed out during the first hour at the university. I was not comfortable with what I was going to say and was unsure if my slides were good enough. But the more we practiced and cleaned up the presentations, I became more relaxed and confident in myself and the group.

Around noon, my group went to eat at the Mensa for the last time. I talked to the German students about placed in America they’d been to. It was really nice to take a break from stressing over presentations and have a relaxing lunch.

At noon, it was time for presentations. My group went third. Although I was a little nervous at the beginning, I thought the presentation went very smoothly. We were very well prepared, and I think it showed. The other groups did very well too. The presentations lasted a very long time – it was almost four o’clock by the time we left.

Our farewell dinner with the German students was at the Ratskeller under the Town Hall. We sat together as a group and presented the gifts for the students. I had only brought a Pitt t-shirt, but Maxi, one of the German students in our group, seemed to appreciate it. I ate schnitzel for the last time. It was a great final group dinner.

Schnitzel at the Ratskeller

I went to bed feeling relaxed, satisfied with the presentations and excited to see Neuschwanstein tomorrow!

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