Operation: Dino Park (May 15)

Today was a very company intensive day. Our first visit was to Trainor, a company focused on educating safety precautions for electrical equipment. They are contacted by factories to train and certify the plant employees in the usage of dangerous equipment. The manager was most excited about implementing more online certification class. While this seems to make it more convenient to get certified, I think that when dealing with this type of equipment it is imperative to get the hands-on experience. Overall, not the coolest company visit we have been on, but still interesting, nonetheless.

              We then got lunch at a placed that served cold noodles. Honestly, I was no the biggest fan. It felt wrong to eat noodles that were in a bowl of ice and broth. We then explored a mall for a short while. Surprisingly, the top of the mall had another dinosaur themed park like the one from yesterday. These things are oddly common in Busan, I guess. The top had a great view of this part of the city. There were also some interesting art pieces, like a rhino made of silver plates.              

Our last event of the day was a tour of Busan New Container Terminal (BNCT), the largest port in Busan. We met the CEO and he told us about the new methods he created to make this port one of the most efficient in the world. Instead of having the containers parallel to the boats, they are place perpendicular to them. Then, a fully automated crane can sour through and grab the container specified. All the automation was fascinating to me. There was also self-driving vehicle that would carry containers from the crane to the ship. Honestly, I think this is the best company visit so far.

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