The Eagle Has Landed: Travel Day Back to the USA: May 18th

With a whole four hours of sleep, my roommate and I were on our way to our final hotel breakfast in South Korea. When we arrived, we filled our plate only with the essentials. These essentials included scrambled eggs, fried rice, potato wedges, and a cup of water. After breakfast, I went back up to my room to grab all my luggage and my backpack. With the completion of a final room check, I was on my way to the lobby and to the bus for the ride to Incheon International Airport. The weather for today was a light rain, which was quite interesting being that this was the only day that it rained during the whole Plus 3 Korea trip.
When on the bus, I put my neck pillow on, played music through my headphones, and went directly to bed. The only two memories I had during the whole bus ride was when we stopped to go to the bathroom and eat lunch. I had a Korean burger, which was odd due to the special sauce that they used for the top bun.

Once the bus ride was coming to an end, I made sure to prepare my backpack and suitcase for the check-in process. Luckily, I had already checked in on my phone and was able to join the express line at the airport. I had received my luggage sticker and boarding pass for the plane ride. When all the other Pitt students were through the path, we made our way through security.

What I realized was that in Korea, the systems used to check those coming in and leaving are much more advanced. When we arrived in Korea, and when we left, we were prompted to include our fingerprints. This is not the case in America, which only asks for your passport and a picture.

Following our security check, the Pitt group met up and took some time to walk around the airport before our boarding. While walking through the airport, we were greeted with a robot which would take passengers to their designated gates. Even when we were out of the program, you can still experience the implementation of smart systems while in Korea. Using the signs posted on the walls, the group was able to navigate to our gate, and we waited for the announcement to board.

The flight was shorter than the first time around, and we boarded with ease. Due to us living in the hurry hurry culture of South Korea, this trip feet much faster than before. For most of the flight, I was asleep, and for the other parts, I was watching some of the onboard entertainment. After the flight was over, we arrived in Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. We were greeted with a delayed flight causing the group going to Philadelphia to wait for an extra two and a half hour. This delay was most likely attributed to a brief spurt of thunderstorms and troubling weather around the Dallas airport. Now we wait until our new boarding time at eight o’clock.

UPDATE: OH, BOY, do I have a story to tell. So, after our original delay of the flight to eight thirty, three more delays affected our flight. The first was moving the delay to nine thirty at night, then to four fifteen in the morning, and finally to eight forty-five in the morning. After seeing this alter, I made a sprint to the customer service line to sort this situation out. When I arrived, I was greeted by hundreds of other people in a similar situation. I was essentially told that there was nothing the airport could do and that all the hotel rooms were full. As a result, several of the other Pitt students and I decided to sleep on the airport floor for the rest of the night. With that being said, I am still looking for a possible sleeping spot on the floor. Wish me luck.

UPDATE x2: Made it home after catching another plane at 5am. The flight was rough and seemed to take much longer than expected. When we finally landed in Pennsylvania I started to look for my baggage. However, the luggage was still in Dallas which means every Pitt student had to put in a request to get their luggage shipped to their homes. In the end, we were back in the Keystone State.

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