Sea Feliz

As the journey concludes, I can only thank everyone who made the trip possible, and be grateful for the opportunity of a lifetime. Over the past two weeks in Argentina, there were many highs and some lows. However, overall I can only look at the entire trip as a whole in a positive light. Everyday no matter what was going on, or how tired I was, or how grumpy we got as a group, I ended each day with a smile and a laugh.

Although it was a short trip, I’m going to miss many things about Buenos Aires, and the cultural vibe of Argentina. One of the things I am going to miss the most is the food. The food in Argentina was phenomenal and very cheap too. Particularly I’m going to miss all the empanadas I tried from all the different restaurants I was able to eat at. I have to say, Argentina has the best empanadas, and they hit the right spot after washing them down with a nice glass of wine. As well as eating pounds of empanadas, the pounds of juicy steak served at every restaurant was extremely delicious. For the most part, every meal I had in Argentina consisted of some sort of meat, and there’s nothing to be complained about when it comes to that.

Not only am I going to miss all the food in Argentina, I’m going to miss going to the different neighborhoods such as Boca or Palermo. These neighborhoods had distinct vibes, and were very vibrant with colors and ambiance. These were my favorite historic areas of Buenos Aires, and it was amazing walking through the art filled streets, bargaining at the markets, and simply enjoying the nightlife with the local people. All these places put a smile on my face and I enjoyed every moment I had at them.

Finally, I’m going to miss my friends. Not only am I going to miss the new friends I’ve made on the trip that were in my group, but also the friends I made from Argentina. My time with these  people was short, but I had some of the best laughs with them while we were all together. It was all fun in games with these people, and I can honestly say that the trip would not have been the same without the people I got close to.

Looking back on the trip, I have to thank the school aspect of the trip, for making me realize how much fun I had. I had so much fun experience the Argentine culture within the limits of my curfew, but I also had fun learning during this trip. I personally enjoyed many of the site visits we had to the different medical centers in Argentina, and being able to ask questions to develop my understanding of their healthcare system. If I’m being brutally honest, their healthcare system is a mess, but not much different from the mess of a system we have at home in the U.S. This trip has shown me a part of Argentina that I wouldn’t have been able to get from reading something or watching a video. The trip showed me a very human side to the culture and the healthcare system in Argentina. The people of Argentina care about each other, and just like we have in the U.S. there are flaws and people that take advantage of the system, but overall everyone wants to be loved and taken care of.

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