Ships and Sashimi Bob

A view of the city of Ulsan from our hotel

We started our week with another traveling day. We got up early and got on the bus headed to Ulsan. It turned out to be a very industrial metropolitan and there wasn’t really much going on in this city.

Jinsan Marine Management Company

We first visited a shipping firm called Jinsan Marine Management Corporation (JIMCO). The hosts were extremely friendly and prepared. They gave us boxes full of free snacks and a packet with detailed information about their company and the CEO. The CEO himself gave us a presentation of his company’s history, achievements, and future goals.
Although I did think his company was very interesting and totally appreciate the effort his team put together to welcome us, I think the language barrier greatly hindered our ability to fully understand and be intrigued with his company. He tended to talk on and on about a question that could have been answered in a much simpler way also. I personally think that really lost a lot of our attention. They took us on a tour of his company and the storage rooms afterwards and I thought that was pretty nice.

The city of Ulsan at night

We got to the hotel after that and my assigned roommate this time was Jordan Athas—a member of our great Group 1. We found a Hollywood movie on TV called 2012 and we watched it before going out to dinner with other people.

Din din!

Dinner was on our own so we ventured down the street and wound up in a Korean BBQ place where the menu was entirely in Korean. I pulled out my Korean-English camera translator that I downloaded onto my phone and thought it was gonna help but it did not prove itself to be very useful as you can see from the picture below. We decided to just wing it and it did turn out to be very delicious.

Google Translate failing us: Sashimi Bob

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