Tech Giant: Huawei

Today we visited Huawei, a major technology company. They mostly sell phones and other electric devices but the most interesting thing they are doing is pioneering the 5G cell service. 5G is the new big service that is supposed to make every technology before it look like a chump. Apparently 5G will allow you to download files at multiple gigabytes. Yes that’s right I said GIGABYTES. Their office was just to show off but show off they did. Entering the building was like wandering to a modern palace. The ceiling was extremely high with stunning glass chandeliers hanging off it. After seeing the first room I thought that there was no way to top it, but boy was I wrong. We walked into a small door that lead into what I’ll call their “show off room”. I thought I traveled 30 years in the future when I walked in there because everything was so high tech and smooth.

This is a T.V. if you believe it

The first object I saw when I walked in was a huge waterfall flowing straight into the show off room. A second later I realized that it wasn’t a real waterfall, just one being displayed on the most detailed T.V. I have ever seen. They had a T.V. that looked even more realistic that real life. I thought technology like this would be at least five years away, but it is right around the corner.

They had a section of the show off room dedicated to artificial intelligence. Their plan is to use artificial intelligence to maintain their various networks, autonomously park cars, order food for the fridge and much, much more. Artificial intelligence is baffling in what it can do. They are also going to use artificial intelligence to create a language translation service. Using large amounts of data, artificial intelligence can understand and translate one language into another instantly.

Now I’ve talked for a while about the awesome technologies Huawei is going to release, but what completely blew my socks off were the bathrooms. I went to the potty like a king. Some people get mad about using one ply and half ply toilet paper and many people in the United States like two ply but what we used in the Huawei bathroom was four ply. FOUR PLY! My rear end has never felt so soft after going to the bathroom. And after walking out feeling the weight of the entire day lifted out of my body, I wandered to the sink. The sinks were golden and perfect. The faucets were simple and well designed. They had mouthwash, floss, combs, hand cream and nail files. Yeah they had nail files in a public bathroom for anyone to use. Right outside the bathroom was a beautiful piece of art that depicted about one hundred men all using the potty. They were all different shapes and sizes, but they were all there doing the exact same thing, pooping. Huawei’s technology was impressive, but its bathroom was the most beautiful art piece I have ever experienced.

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