Beijing Sightseeing

On our last day in Beijing we went to the most impressive tourist locations. Our tour guide, Uncle Joe, first took us to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. Uncle Joe told us about the political importance of Tiananmen Square. It is the place where modern China was born. In the distance on the front of the Forbidden City there was a large portrait of Chairman Mao. It hung over the entrance like it was the most important part of the Forbidden City. Immediately after passing under Mao, I was blown away by the architecture. The central area in between the palaces were made of white stone which made it hot. There were no trees in the garden because it is considered bad luck for the emperor to have trees in his palace. After being blown away by the first garden I was surprised to see that there was another one and another. It went on and on and on. It took us a little over two hours to get through the Forbidden City and we didn’t even get close to exploring everything in there. We could have easily spent and entire day in there. The Forbidden City was the most impressive tourist attraction we went to in Beijing.

The second place we went to was the Temple of Heaven where we did our Tai Chi class. It was a hot day in a hot park, but we managed to get into the shade for the class. Tai Chi was very calming and much more fun than I expected. We learned the five basic jukes which were all very different motions. I really felt the cosmic energy all around me when I was doing Tai Chi man. After the class we went into the Temple of Heaven where the emperor was supposed to fast and pray. Like all the traditional architecture in China it was covered with jade tile and had beautiful calligraphy. After leaving we realized that we lost one member of the group and we had to wait a little bit before he found his way back.

The last dinner in Beijing was a blast because I felt comfortable in the city. A few new friends and I went to a place called Imperial Noodles which had some really good food. When we walked up to the counter the guy knew immediately that we didn’t speak any Chinese and gave us the English menu. We ordered our food and it was 150 Yuan, which is around $22. We had food for four people so the total cost per person and just $5 for a delicious meal. We then walked to the local mall where we bought some desert. I am very sad to be leaving Beijing because it was such a safe and friendly city, but all good things will come to an end. But my trip in China is not yet over and I am excited to be going to Xi’an

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