Xi’an: Western Peace

When we first arrived in Xi’an in the afternoon on Friday, we went to the most glorious dumpling banquet. This was easily the best meal I have had so far in China. Even though there were flies flying around the table, they did not ruin the meal one bit because it was so delicious. They served about ten different types of dumplings and each one was better than the last. There was spicy chicken, beef, veggie and many more. They even had a walnut dumpling that was nothing like I have even tasted. It was sweet and crunchy. But my favorite dumpling was the mushroom dumpling. The mushrooms were cooked to perfection and had a spice that was immensely yummy.

We then went to the Muslim Street. This place was alive with action. There were street vendors that sold street meat that we were told would give us violent diarrhea. So we avoided eating that. But the highlight of the Muslim street was the market. There was a long corridor that had everything ranging from knock off Supreme to little minion watches. We didn’t have enough time to barter so we decided to go back the next day.

The next morning, we went to the Children’s Village. This is a place where the children of inmates are given a place to live and learn. We gave them chocolate and an amazing performance lead by me. Our performance was singing baby shark. We didn’t do a great job but we did good enough. We then played Ping-Pong and basketball with the children and they were strong players even though they were half our size. They were especially good at ping pong and kicked our butts.

After leaving the Children’s Village we traveled to the Wild Goose Pagoda which is a Buddhist Temple. It was much less of a temple and more of a tourist attraction but either way it was beautiful. After exploring the grounds we went into a building where we learned about traditional Chinese art and calligraphy. They then tried and succeeded to sell us hand painted art that had all proceeds going to the temple. I bought a neat piece of art and my name written on a slice of rice paper. But the best part of the day was still to come.

At night we all went back to the Muslim Street and bartered and haggled for cheap knock off Supreme and Gucci gear. I ended up buying a Supreme fanny pack, Supreme shirt and a Supreme hat. I was watching Matt Acker barter with some random vendors and it was the funniest show I have ever seen. He would come in loud with a huge smile on his face and charm the store owner. He would argue and chat at the same time. Some of the time he didn’t even know what he was bartering for, he just wanted to see how low he could get the price. Xi’an has much more of a city feel to it and I like the city more than Beijing.

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