Day 10: Ulm, When Do We Get to the Top?

We started off this Tuesday like no other. We started our day by climbing the extremely steep and clustered church tower in the city of Ulm. This church tower was the tallest church tower in the existence of all church towers. For me, it just felt like the tallest building in existence. Everyone on the program on the way up to the tower was gassed at some point on the way up. Towards the end, I had to will my way up by using the bars on the windows to hold up my weight. There was also a point where I was crawling up on all fours because I was just so tired. But I knew I could not stop.

Finally, I made it to the top of the darn tower. I can say now that the view was totally worth the feelings of wanting to vomit on the way up. The views of the rivers, buildings, and villages beyond the city of Ulm were very unique and a view I hope to see something like that again one day. Heights are usually a problem for me, but I was not even bothered by the height at the Ulm church tower because the view was so captivating.

I Mean Come On! Look at This!

On the way down, I decided to console my friend Lucas because he has a huge fear of heights. Therefore, the way down for Lucas and I was much longer than the way up because I let Lucas take his time down. When going back down the church tower I kept wondering why there was a different stairway for people going up and for people going down. What I later found out that part of the reason was great marketing. The final stairway down the church tower led to a little gift shop where I did indeed make an impulse purchase of a small replica church tower. I mainly bought this replica because I really feel that someone should get a trophy for climbing up all of those narrow and steep stairways that feel as if they are never going to stop.

When we finally met up with everyone who climbed the tower back on the ground, we began our tour of Ulm. One interesting thing I learned about Ulm was that during World War II, most of the city except for the church tower was destroyed by bombings. The tour guide said he believed that the tower was not touched because the planes were most likely using it as a reference point. We then went into the church tower to look at the interior. The interior of the church was like many of the churches and cathedrals I have already seen on this trip. Despite that redundancy of seeing churches, it was again another beautiful and large building with enormous stained glass windows.

These are the Only Stained Glass Windows Remaining After the Bombings of Ulm During WWII

After our spectacular tour of the city of Ulm, it was lunchtime. Today, we had lunch at a crepe/pancake place. I for one loved crepes and could not wait to eat a savory crepe because I had not had one in what felt like an eternity. For lunch, I had a crepe with veal and mushrooms. To my misfortune, it was one of the last plates to come out. But it was such a high-quality crepe I finished it at about the same time as everybody else. To my surprise, after eating my crepe there was even more food to come. This unexpected food, in fact, happened to be a birthday cake for me. A woman who worked for the restaurant made this amazing strawberry cake from scratch and I cannot thank her enough for making such a delicious cake. Everyone who ate the cake seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. I cannot wait to finish the rest of it!

Here is Where the Amazing Cake was From (feat. Dr. Feick)

Once we got back from the city of Ulm to our hotel, it was time to get some Starbucks and head back to the University of Augsburg to finish up our final presentations. I have to say I do feel really nervous about tomorrow. I know I can kill it with my conclusion tomorrow, but, I truly am worried about the possible questions Dr. Feick has in store for us. I have been staying up all night just preparing myself for any curveball that could come towards our group tomorrow.

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