Final Blog!!

As I got in the car with my parents to start my venture home, they started with the obvious question which was, “what were your favorite parts of the trip?”. For me this was easy to answer at first because so many moments came to mind, but also hard because I couldn’t choose just a few.

Although my time in Argentina was short, I am so grateful that I was able to see this country while also learning about it’ history and areas of growth. For me, this made the trip all the more meaningful. Travel has always been something that I have valued so highly in my life because I believe travel is completely necessary for growth. As I said before there were so many things that I loved about my Plus 3 Program, but these were my top 5.

In the first week of our trip my favorite things were going to San Telmo and Palermo. I loved visiting these neighborhoods and having the opportunity to explore, do some street shopping and really get to know the culture of the area. On the weekend I also loved doing the day trip to the Estancia. Before this I had no idea what to expect of our cultural excursion, but this was so much fun! We got to go on a carriage ride around the ranch, eat empanadas, watch and dance Tango, try a traditional Argentinean meal, try Matte, watch a gaucho horse show, and more. This day was so special because we were able to see so much of Argentina’s history in real life.

In the second week I especially loved going to La Boca. This is another neighborhood by one of the retired ports in Buenos Aires. We had a tour which explained to us this history of these beautiful colored streets and then some free time to explore street markets and try some food.  

Lastly, on our final day of the trip we got to explore the cemetery of Recoleta. When I first heard we were going to a cemetery I was not to excited, but this turned out to be one of the most beautiful things we saw on our trip. It was almost like it’s own town and held many of the most important people to Argentina’s history.

Overall, this trip was an amazing experience to grow both intellectually and also personally.

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