Gracias Argentina

Although I went into the trip with a couple of concerns, I loved being in Buenos Aires. I haven’t been out of the country that many times, but I imagine it’s one of the coolest places that I’ll ever see. I am extremely glad that I decided to go on the trip and that my parents let me because it was an amazing opportunity.

My top personal highlight of the trip was the people I met, and all of the memories I will have with each person. Being a freshman athlete I lived on upper campus away from the business freshman dorm, so I didn’t know many people in the business school prior to Argentina. I was a little worried about finding friends on the trip who would be on the same page as me, but there was no problem at all. The friends I made in Argentina are all great so I really hope that we all stay in contact and continue to talk with each other next semester.

Another personal highlight of the trip was visiting La Boca, San Telmo, and Palermo. I went to all of these places multiple times, some with the program and other times with my friends. I had a lot of fun exploring these neighborhoods with so much history and culture built into them. The food that we ate in these places was also fantastic. I have never eaten so much steak in my life, especially that I enjoyed that much.

The most important thing that I learned was that I want to study abroad in a Spanish speaking country, most likely Spain. I really enjoyed being immersed in another language and it has inspired me to pick back up learning Spanish so that I can try and do the International Internship Experience next summer. Being abroad is such a cool thing to do and I’m thankful to Plus3 for showing me that if you explore the city you’re in and put yourself out there to meet new people, you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

I also learned that I do not want to go into the healthcare field. I realized that being in hospitals makes me uncomfortable, so even though the Austral workers and other hospital staff we met were great, I don’t think the field is for me. Because I realized this very early on in the trip, I’m proud of myself for still making sure that I paid attention and tried to learn as much as possible even if it wasn’t my favorite field to learn from.

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