May 17: Summer Sun in Haeundae

Today is the last day of our Plus3 agenda. During the day itself, we were given unstructured free time to explore the city of Busan. In the morning, my friends and I woke up early to take a taxi to Haeundae Beach. There we spent the day soaking up the sun and swimming. This was my first time ever dipping my feet into a sea that isn’t a part of the Atlantic Ocean, so that is something I can check off my bucket list! At the beach, there is also a sand sculpture competition in the works, which was why there were so many large sand castles being built on the beach. All of the designs were extremely impressive to see. Although it was over 80 degrees and sunny outside, the water itself was really cold! I was only able to stay in for a short amount of time, and later on, simply walked along the coast with my feet in the water. It was a very relaxing day that was the perfect conclusion to a busy two weeks.

We returned back to the hotel around 4PM in order to get dressed and prepare one last time for our final presentation. Each group was to pitch a company idea that embodies both US and South Korean values and could be of use in either country. My group had a lot of fun thinking of an idea, picking its features and developing a business plan. At 5PM, we met for the presentations which was overall very entertaining, as it was fun to hear what other creative ideas my peers thought of. The venue at which we presented was beautiful, and served us delicious food after! It was buffet style, so there were many options to choose from. I was excited to try all the different types of sushi and dumplings that were put out, as well as the mochi! Today was a great close to our trip, and I will surely miss it.

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