The Final Presentation

For the first time this whole trip I got to sleep in. It is been a busy two weeks but today was very relaxing. I got plenty of sleep and then since I had no obligations except for dinner me and my friends went to the beach. We went to Haeundae Beach and grabbed lunch there. It is the most popular beach in Korea but since it is still spring there was barely anyone there. We all just hung out and sat on the beach for a couple of hours until it was time to head back to the hotel to get ready for the final dinner.

Haeundae Beach

For dinner we went to this Korean buffet restaurant close to our hotel. It was our farewell dinner and each group had to do a presentation. As a final project each group had to come up with a business in either Korea or United States and us what he had learned on this trip. My group came up with the idea of an app, but also desktop supported, that shows you all the free WiFi nearby and even has a rating system. Since international plans can be expensive everyone on this trip is constantly looking for free WiFi so this app would ease the process. Once each group had presented we finally got to eat. The food was good and I really enjoyed all the variety. I had steak, shrimp, rice, chicken, and fruit and it filled me up a lot.

My instructor Dr. Yun also had a quick presentation where he kind of recapped everything we have done and its crazy what’s happened. In two weeks we have gone from a random group of engineers and business kids to a group that everyone knows and are friends. All the visits have been great and I will never forget this trip. I have learned so much and expanded my cultural knowledge. Once dinner was done we headed back to the hotel and I packed my bag and got ready to travel back home.

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