The Site of a Heavy Industry

Today we packed up and headed for the city of Ulsan. Before we arrived at the hotel, we had two company visits. Our first visit was at Jinsan Marine Management Company. As we got off the bus, we were greeted by the president of the company and showed us up to a conference room. Inside was drinks, snacks, and packets of the company and a gift for each person. The president explained that they sell spare parts for ships and they also have a duty-free shop. He then showed us around their facility. Afterwards, we got a quick lunch and then went to our next company visit at Hyundai Heavy Industries. We started off with in inside tour of the history of HHI and how it was all started. HHI is a ship building company and one of the best in the world. After our museum tour about their history and their founder Chung Ju-Yung, we were able to go on a bus tour around their construction site. The sheer size of the ships they produced was insane. It was incredible seeing the whole operation and they are able to create 35 mega ships per year at this site. Something that was also interesting was that Hyundai doesn’t produce only ships but also produce offshore rigging ships and submarines. After the visit our group headed to the hotel, we would be staying at for one night. It was extremely nice. After I rested for a little, Dylan and I headed off to adventure. We found a very nice department store and had a very good dinner. We then looked around for a bit and then decided to head back. On the way to the hotel, we were caught in the middle of crossing the road while the light change and pulled off a flawless run of real life frogger.

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