The Longest Day of My Life

The day has come. After two amazing weeks full of new experiences and memories it is finally the day that we have to travel back to the United States. Unfortunately, it is not going to be a quick and easy day. We began the trip with our bus ride from Busan to Incheon International Airport, which was about 4 and half hours plus some time during a few stops for lunch. When we got to the airport be said goodbye to our guides and the members of the Asia Institute before we went into the airport and got ready for our first flight. After we checked our bags and went through security we got to our gate with some time to relax before the flight that is a little over 12 hours. The flight from Seoul to Dallas was long and tough, but we were able to get through it while getting a little bit of sleep and watching some movies. Due to bad weather we had to wait a little bit of time before we landed and made our way to the gate, but eventually we did. Unfortunately the almost 13 hour long flight was the least of our stress for the day. When we got off the plane we had to make our way and get through customs, get our bags and give them back to be prepared for the next flight, go through security, and go 3 terminals away to get to our gate in about 1 hour. As we were unsure if we were going to make it in time, we got notified that our flight was delayed about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Even though this was good and we could make the flight now, it was even more bad as now it meant we were going to miss our third flight that was from Charlotte to Dallas. However, we then realized that their was a flight that goes directly from Dallas to Pittsburgh tonight and there was a possibility to get on that flight. After waiting in a long line and the help of a wonderful lady at the counter for American Airlines we were able to get onto the flight to Pittsburgh from Dallas. Our luck went back down from there as our plane kept getting delayed and we had to switch gates and terminals once again. Eventually around 10:25 our plane finally left the gate and we took off. We landed in Pittsburgh around 1:30 where there was nobody else in the airport and our bags were still in Charlotte, but we made it home and that was all that mattered. After an amazing trip of two weeks, and a travel day that took up to 30 hours, my journey has finally come to end!

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