May 18: Reflecting in Dallas

Today we woke up bright and early to check out of our hotel in Busan and drive to the Incheon International Airport outside of Seoul. The drive took about six hours, including the two stops we made at rest areas in the country. At the rest stop, we indulged in one last Korean dish before leaving; I bought myself a pork cutlet meal drenched in Korean traditional sauce and for dessert had fried dough filled with walnuts and red bean puree. It was a satisfying final meal! We got to the airport in the early afternoon with enough time to walk around the Duty Free store and food court. Once it was finally time for our flight back to the States, I was ready to take a nap and settle in. Although it was not that easy! I ended up only sleeping a bit on the flight, but since the  flight back was only about 13 hours as opposed to 14, I was not complaining. In those 12-13 hours, I watched a few movies and listened to music.

We left Seoul on the 18th at approximately 5:30PM and arrived in Dallas at 4PM on the 18th, successfully traveling back in time. Unfortunately, the weather in Dallas for not ideal for flying conditions, and so my flight was consistently delayed each hour (quite stressful!). Nonetheless, after various delays, my flight finally took off at 11:30PM and took me back home to Newark, NJ. In the seven hours I had at the Dallas airport, I had a lot of time to reflect on the trip and all of my favorite moments. I’ve included a gallery here with a few pictures highlighting some major points of my past two weeks. Overall, I feel extremely lucky that I was able to participate in this study abroad program with wonderful professors and classmates. I’ll never forget it!

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