What I’ve Experienced in China

I had a great time in China where I learned and grew as a person. I have learned that China has little regulation on minimum wage and uses slave labor in some parts of the country. Even many companies located in the United States use China’s cheap labor or slave labor to produce products. This is a huge problem for many companies who want to manufacture products. My team’s business idea was to build solar powered air conditioning units and if we were to actually go through with the business, we would have to choose whether or not to use slave labor. Obviously I would never use slave labor, but if my company doesn’t use it and our products are more expensive than the competition, the business will never take off. This is going to be a huge challenge to overcome.

The team I worked with to create a business idea was composed for two business majors and two engineering majors. Working on this team was fun and easy. It was easy to split the work into engineering aspects and business aspects. Communication between teammates was key because the engineers sometimes had a hard time understanding business topics and I certainly had a hard time understanding engineering topics, but we communicated well and ended up with a good final product.

Having diversified experiences is what makes an employee desirable. Most companies want adaptable and capable employees that are able to perform many different tasks. This trip to China is widening my view on the world and understanding China is important if I am going to succeed. About 1/7th of the world population lives there and their economy is growing rapidly so understanding what is going on there is vital in succeeding professionally. What I have learned in China is going to help me proceed and thrive in the professional world.

I am going to remember this trip forever because I experienced many different situations. Having a versatile understanding of how the world works is vital because it gives you a versatile skill set. My visit to China put me far out of my comfort zone. I don’t speak a single work of Mandarin so ordering food put me out of my comfort zone. I believe that these experiences that bring you out of your comfort zone is what really allows you to learn and develop as a person. Trying new things and experiencing new situations will teach adaptability and independence.

Even though this trip wasn’t strictly professional, it was more professional than a regular vacation. Socially being around colleagues on a two weeklong was a challenge because everyone is exhausted physically and exhausted of seeing each other every single day. However, by being relaxed and being prepared I was able to handle it. It was different going to China with my business team instead of friends because although we were there to create a business plan we were also there partly to enjoy ourselves. I learned that being social in professional life is important because being friendly to others allows better work to get done.

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