Exhausting and Fun Trip!

The last day in Shanghai was action packed. All of us were immensely exhausted because we have been doing activities nonstop and the last day was no different. We woke up at a reasonable time and visited the Yu Garden in downtown Shanghai. The garden was built hundreds of years ago by a government official who wanted their parents to live a relaxing life. The garden was quite different than what we are used to in the United States because it has many small corridors. In the United States our parks are open and very green while the Yu Garden was small and had long winding passageways. The garden also has fishponds with some of the fattest fish I have even seen. I think that these fish were eating better than many other parts of China. Nonetheless the garden was beautiful. Outside the Yu Garden there is a touristy market with cheap little trinkets. We wandered around there looking for something to barter for with the last few yuan we had left but couldn’t find anything worth buying. Instead we spent our money on some dumplings that were surprisingly delicious even though we bought them at the equivalent of a mall food court. After lunch we walked across a bridge that is supposed to be lucky. I need all the luck I can get so I kept walking back and forth over the bridge. I haven’t been any luckier since then so it may be a sham. The Yu Garden is beautiful and a great last tourist destination to visit before we left the city.

Our last activity in China was presenting our final products for the business idea we were thinking of throughout the trip. My team’s idea was to make solar powered air conditioners. I wish I could have had that in the room we were presenting in because boy was it hot in there. After presenting all our ideas we went to eat dinner. The dinner was great. We ate lamb on skewers, friend bananas and soft yoghurt. It was a sad time because we all knew it was our last meal in China so we wanted to enjoy it. One of our friends from the Asia Institute made a short video commemorating our short two week trip in China. The video was funny because the soundtrack was baby shark and if you have not heard that song yet it is definitely worth listening to. Singing baby shark was our performance to the children in the Children’s Village.

The bus ride to the airport was a sad time because it really hit me that we were leaving a beautiful country. Its sad that I had to leave, but I was physically exhausted from doing activities all day every day. China was a great place to visit and I am excited to go back later.

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