Day 12: Now That We’ve Saigon :(

The past two weeks in Vietnam have honestly been incredible. From meeting countless new friends, both Vietnamese and American, to breathtaking sights and deliciously unique eats, there is so much to miss about the trip. Visiting several large companies gave us great insight into Vietnam’s economy and it’s role in the larger world economy, while classes at the University of Economics and Finance provided us with cultural and language lessons, allowing us to gather a greater appreciation of the important cultural sights that helped shape Vietnam into the rapidly growing country that it is today.

Throughout all of these incredible experiences, I have seen much growth in myself, particularly regarding transferable skills that I’ve built upon. For example, my work ethic was quite often challenged by time constraints. On certain days, we would be at cultural or company visits until late in the afternoon, and I would have to meet the Vietnamese students for dinner only an hour after returning to the hotel. Being required to keep a daily blog, I had to work very diligently in order to get them done before dinner, while ensuring that it was my best work. This was further tested by the issue of unreliable internet, but fortunately, I was able to overcome this by preparing my blogs earlier and editing them further when internet was available. My teamwork ability was definitely improved throughout the weeks leading up to and during Plus 3, having to work with three people who essentially were strangers to complete two group projects, having to combine unique and unfamiliar perspectives in order to create the most coherent and interesting presentations that we possibly could. In a more social manner, my negotiation skills were tested when bargaining in the Ben Than market. I felt as though I was successful, saving hundreds of thousands of VND on several items that made great gifts for family members.

Currently, I am missing Vietnam quite a lot, but I am cherishing the memories and the knowledge I obtained by experiencing such a beautiful country firsthand. I also have made many plans to keep the Plus 3 Vietnam group together, as I see us being friends for the foreseeable future. As I move forward with plans to study abroad in Argentina in the Spring of 2020, I will use my experience and improved skills to face a much greater challenge, albeit one in a country with a language that I actually can understand.

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