May 17 – Munich Take 2

Today was finally the free day! (And unfortunately the last day of the program.) While the majority of the students decided to go to Salzburg, Austria, I headed back to Munich with five other people. I really liked it the first time and thought it would be a nice place to spend the free day. I was right.

Today felt like a test of the travel skills we had picked up during the trip. We had to buy tickets alone and get on the right train, get off at the right stop, and navigate the city by ourselves, with no German students or Dr. Feick to help us. Although we had already been to Munich, I didn’t feel like I knew my way around yet. But it was challenge accepted.

The six of us split a round-trip group ticket and paid about 15 euros each. It wasn’t hard to find the right train or good seats. When we got to Munich, we walked around the main shopping area looking for gifts for our family and friends back home. We walked a few blocks to a surf-shop so Nick could buy a surf shirt that said Munich. Even though it was on a back street, the inside of the shop was actually really nice. I’ve never been inside of a surf shop before but I really liked it.

Next, we walked to the central market, where small vendors sell food and there’s a large seating area. I bought a small portion of French fries. They came with a pink sauce that I had never tasted before. I’m still wondering what it was. We also bought a collective box of strawberries, which were the reddest and testiest strawberries I’ve ever had. I didn’t know German strawberries would be so good, but I’m pleasantly surprised. We sat in the market for over an hour, talking about the highs and lows of the trip and getting to know each other.

The best strawberries I’ve ever tasted

After lunch, we walked around looking for souvenirs and just enjoying being in Munich. We had a nice conversation with a man wearing a Pitt hat (his daughter had just graduated), which none of us were expecting. We finished our time in Munich with tacos at a Mexican restaurant called Sausalito’s. The food was good but it couldn’t compare to average Mexican food in the United States. We walked back to the train station, satisfied with our time in Munich, and took the 4 o’clock train back to Augsburg.

I had one last dinner at the new Doner. Unfortunately, I only had 5 euros left and could not afford cheese. So I got my last Doner without cheese and it tasted basically the same. I spent the rest of the night packing on doing blogs, both of which I had had no previous time for. I went to bed satisfied with the day, and ready for the long day of travel ahead of us.

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