I Ship This.


Today was another day packed with travel, companies, and a new destination: Ulsan. Professor Yun compared Ulsan to the Cleveland or Detroit of Korea. Although I had never been to both cities, I knew exactly what he meant when he said it. Ulsan is a very industry driven city. It’s not necessarily are cultural site or a place that young people want to commute to for fun. It’s more of a city where one would commute to for work.  Ulsan is only an hour commute from Gyeongju, but the culture and nature of the city is very different.

In Ulsan, we were only coming for company visits. The first place that we visited was the Jinsan Marine Management Co., Ltd. This company essentially works as a middleman between other companies that export or import goods. One of their most prominent services includes having a one window system. This one window system allows their clients to store international imports and exports in their warehouses to reduce the international tariffs imposed on their products. Their one window system is one of their major smart systems for their logistics team.

The next site that we visited was the Hyundai Heavy Industries. This is the part of the Hyundai Company that produces ships and focuses on ship making. The Hyundai site in Ulsan has 30,000 employees on the site. For the most part, several employees commute to the Ulsan site. Some interesting facts about the Heavy Industries is that they do not have a ship port, despite being a shipping industry. To test the ship’s ability to float they have simulation areas that they fill up with water to see if the ship can float. The whole construction process of these ships can take 12- 16 months and 2-5 % of the cost is toward the painting process.

Those two companies in Ulsan were quite informative of the shipping process. It was interesting to find out more about the shipping industry in Korea. However, I am very excited to see all the other companies that we see in Busan.

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