First Day in a Beach City


This morning we drove from Ulsan to Hyundai Motor Company, which is on the way to our final city destination: Busan. I was extremely excited about this visit as I am a mechanical engineer, and I have always been curious to if I should pursue a career in the automobile industry since it is a very prominent business opportunity given to several mechanical engineers. At the company visit, we watched a video that kind of overview the company’s intentions of expansion, advancement, and environmentally positive decisions. Then we were able to look inside some of their popular models. My favorite was their luxury car brand, Genesis, and their electronic vehicle Ioniq. The Ioniq hybrid is the most fuel-efficient car produced so far. Plus, the interior aspects of the car seem high quality. For Genesis, the car was luxurious, but I don’t think they displayed their most recent model of the car to us. After we looked inside some of their cars which varied from their SUVs to their smaller models, we went on a company tour visit of their site.

From the tour, Hyundai seems to have a lot to offer their employees. For one thing, they offer dormitories for young employees who cannot find housing in a neighboring city or who can not make the commute. Additionally, a lot of employees can not take their cars to the location of the site due to minimal space available for parking lots, thus they offer buses to commute to the site. They also have a hospital offered as well as free food in the cafeteria. They even have a fire department in case of any car crash or manufacturing incident.

The process of the manufacturing the cars were really interesting, and I could possibly see myself overviewing the production process in the future, so I really enjoyed the trip. After going to the company visit, we finally got to Busan – the Miami of Korea. A lot of spent the day at the beach because it such a nice day.

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