Traveling and Amusement Parks

On Saturday, we left Seoul. I definitely felt the hurry hurry culture in Seoul because of all the things you could do there. And I also felt like I wasn’t able to experience everything that I wanted to explore, but I am excited to see what we will do in Gyeongju. It was a 6-hour trip from Seoul to Gyeongju including our long breaks. At one of our stops, I was able to try a Korean interpretation of an American franchise: Krispy Kreme. Oddly enough, I had never been in that donut shop in states but from what I tried in Korea, the donut was more naturally sweet and had a less fried artificial sugar taste. At the same stop, Professor Yun let us try these walnut balls that had red bean filling inside. They were quite good and honestly the best red bean paste that I had ever had. 
Once we entered Gyeongju, I noticed immediately the difference between Seoul and this city. For one thing a lot of historical buildings are preserved. you could see the traditional roof on a lot of the buildings. Another thing was how mountainous and environmental the region was. You could see a lot of farms, lakes, animals, trees, and unfortunately bugs. Professor Yun informer is that the city was physically three times the land space of Seoul, but only has a population of 250,000 people which is immensely smaller than Seoul’s population of over 11 million. 
There wasn’t a lot of things in the city; however, we saw that there was an amusement park that was walking distance. A group of us decided to go to the amusement park and it was incredible! Although it wasn’t massive, there were a lot of quality attractions there and it was interesting the different culture of amusement parks in Korea. For instance, the amusement park seemed to be more catered to an older audience and designed for a lot of couples. We all felt like in the states. amusement parks are not as common for dates but that didn’t seem to be the case here. Despite these differences, the amusement park was great. 

To end the day, we enjoyed a nice walk back to the hotel and even watched a k-drama 🙂

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